Shopify Vs WooCommerce

WooCommerce vs Shopify: Which Is the Best E-commerce Platform?

Many entrepreneurs have a tough time when it comes to choosing between WooCommerce Vs Shopify. And we can understand the confusion because both of these e-commerce platforms have their benefits and drawbacks. 

In the next few paragraphs, we will look into the merits and demerits of both of these e-commerce platforms in detail. It will help you choose the appropriate e-commerce platform based on your needs and preferences.


Shopify: It’s a simple and popular e-commerce platform that facilitates online payments and inventory management. Shopify manages the technical aspects of the site so that you can easily take care of the updates, apps, and backups. The ecommerce platform comes with pre-loaded shopping themes that you can use while creating e-commerce retail stores.

WooCommerce: It’s an open-source platform that gives you full command over your website. You simply need to visit its website to get started. Woo Commerce offers plenty of highly-effective plugins and other software tools to augment your selling experience online. Moreover, you can easily manage those technical issues at your end.

WooCommerce Vs Shopify: Basis of Difference

Sign Up Process: You can easily install Shopify and start selling. It offers a simple and effective installation process in just five-six steps. Woo Commerce is also a WP Plugin. After setting up your WordPress website, you need to install the plugin for further functions. 

Explanation: Shopify offers a simpler registration and sign up process. It’s a fully-hosted platform and its users don’t need to bother about the site’s online security, bugs, backups, and other technical issues. 

Contrarily, if you are launching your business on WooCommerce then you need to manage its security, backups, updates, and plugins from your end.

Winner: Shopify

Payment System: Shopify facilitates several payment options to receive payment online from your customers. It charges a specified fee per transaction. On the other hand, WooCommerce also offers several payment gateways that you can integrate into your e-commerce store. However, Woo Commerce never charges a pre-determined fee per transaction. 


Third-Party Tools and Integration

Both Shopify and Woo Commerce offer seamless third-party app and software integration into their platforms. Shopify apps focus on improving your site’s overall functionality. You can use these apps to generate leads, improve SEO, and promote your products. 

Similarly, WooCommerce also comes with lots of plugins and app options. You can also use them to grow your business and improve your site’s overall visibility.  However, WooCommerce has far more diverse apps and plugin options than Shopify. 

Winner: WooCommerce


Both WooCommerce and Shopify have attractive payment schemes for their customers. Under Shopify pricing plans, you can choose Shopify Basic and Shopify Advanced. Similarly, even Woo Commerce has a couple of plans too: Starter Pack, Plus and Pro. Based on their pricing slabs, we can conclude that WooCommerce offers a cheaper and affordable option to its clients than Shopify.

Winner: WooCommerce

Business Growth Prospects

On Shopify, you need not worry about your site security. Plus, its SEO friendly when compared to Woo Commerce. Upgrade your Shopify paid plans (as we discussed in the last paragraph) to enable more functions.  However, in the case of WooCommerce, you have to regularly inspect its technical issues like site updates, backups, and plugin compatibility. Woo Commerce plugin and Pro version.

Winner: Shopify. 

Keeping above factors in mind, you should prefer becoming a Shopify partner. It helps you pay full attention to growing your business while Shopify manages the technical issues.

The Conclusion

Any debate on WooCommerce Vs Shopify is interesting. Choosing either of them can help you grow and monetize your online merchandising store. Ultimately, it’s your call. If you are not tech-savvy, then opt for Shopify. You may have to subscribe to its paid upgraded pricing plans for that. But, it helps you stay relaxed and stress-free. 

On the contrary, WooCommerce is ideal for tech-savvy entrepreneurs who want to start, manage, and run their e-commerce portal with a moderate budget. We hope this article will help you choose the ideal e-commerce platform for your online business and take the right decision moving forward.

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